Pecora acquires deck coating line

Pecora Corp., a manufacturer of weatherproofing products since 1862, has purchased Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Inc.’s (CCW's) deck coating product line. The acquisition is part of Pecora’s growth strategy in the commercial construction sealants market.

CCW is a leading maker of commercial waterproofing and air and vapor barrier solutions. The company said it wants to shift its strategic focus on products and systems designed for the non-residential building envelope market. For Pecora, the addition of the elastomeric deck coating line adds new product lines and an established customer base, while promoting production and distribution efficiencies.

The purchase includes all brands and formulations of the deck coating product line. The products will be co-branded by Pecora and CCW for an appropriate period of time until the acquisition integration is complete and well understood in the marketplace. Until further notice, all orders will continue to be processed through CCW.

“Carlisle has been a great partner and supplier for years," said Joe Virdone, Pecora’s president and CEO. "This agreement provides us a better opportunity to manage our businesses. Very importantly, it also establishes a platform for Pecora to broaden our offerings in this changing marketplace."

Based in Harleysville, Pa., Pecora is an American manufacturer of architectural weatherproofing products, offering a full line of silicone, urethane and latex sealants and coatings.

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing provides a broad range of solutions and technical expertise to meet specific waterproofing and air and vapor barrier needs. CCW is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlisle Construction Materials, which is a division of Carlisle Cos.

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