Paul Menard: Heir apparent?

Paul Menard's no. 27 car.

Paul Menard, a NASCAR driver who also happens to be the son of Menards founder John Menard, reflected on his racing career and strict upbringing in an interview with USA Today.

Although his father has yet to name a successor to his 250-plus chain of home improvement stores, the self-made billionaire assigned the younger Menard a variety of store-related jobs as he was growing up, from managing flight plans for the company’s corporate jets to building endcaps and stapling receipts to rebate forms. 

Two years ago, Paul Menard said he spent his Christmas vacation driving a forklift around a Menards distribution center in Chicago, “learning the ropes.” He also holds a seat on the board of directors at Menards.

For now, Paul Menard is content to drive the bright yellow No. 27 Chevrolet bearing the company logo. He is now ranked fifth on the NASCAR circuit. "We're a racing family," he told USA Today. "[You’re] expected to run well. You did your job. If you don't, it's, 'What the hell you doing?' "

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