Parr Lumber's Weekend Warriors extends its reach

Oregonian lumberyard Parr Lumber has widened its sphere of influence via the Pacific Northwest's AM radio frequency. Its increasingly popular Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Radio Show has been picked up by stations across Oregon and Washington to deliver down-to-earth advice and market knowledge to homeowners throughout the region.

According to host Corey Valdez, Weekend Warriors is the only radio show in the nation that's backed by a lumberyard, and it's unique in its ability to draw on years of experience in the home improvement industry to deliver expert product recommendations in a conversational format.

Together with Tony Cookston, Valdez has been at the reins of Weekend Warriors for upwards of two years, but its recent expansion is an unprecedented advancement for the two radio personalities. Cookston and Valdez are both longtime employees of Parr Lumber; each brings something different to the table. The long-running joke is that Cookston is the "personality" and the bearer of product knowledge, while Valdez is the "know-how" with the handyman approach.

"We just like to have fun," said Valdez. "We want to help people stay inspired -- a house isn't maintance-free."

Listeners can submit questions via Facebook, email, text and more, though Weekend Warriors takes a more curated approach than shows like Handyman Bob, which invite listeners to call in to the show. Listeners will often ask for specific product recommendations, and the show will address pertinent topics, as well as provide an informative and entertaining synopsis of the market.

Weekend Warriors broadcasts on AM 860 in Portland on Saturdays and Sundays. It is now also available on the following AM stations: KPAM, KBND, KUGN, KWRO, KACI, KMED, KAST, KNPT, KEDO, KFLD, KGY and KVI.

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