Owens Corning gets a Green Cross for Safety Medal

Owens Corning CEO Mike Thamen

Owens Corning CEO Mike Thaman says the company is honored to receive a Green Cross.

The National Safety Council has awarded Owens Corning with the 2014 Green Cross for Safety Medal, the top honor given annually to an organization with an outstanding safety record and a proven commitment to its community.

"We are honored to be recognized with the Green Cross for Safety medal from the National Safety Council," said chairman and CEO Mike Thaman. "The journey to an injury-free workplace continues, but we take pride in what we've accomplished and this special recognition.

Owens Corning, which operates 90 manufacturing plants, has eliminated nearly 95% of recordable injuries (as defined by OSHA) over the past 12 years.

Its safety accomplishments have included developing a company culture that prioritizes safety, establishing a risk assessment system, and banning the use of cell phones for company business while driving.

"Safety is a true indicator of not only manufacturing excellence, but also overall operating performance," added Thaman. "Our success in keeping employees safe has set the bar for how we perform in the market and with our suppliers, customers and each other."

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