Osmose makes acquisition in New Zealand

Griffin, Ga.-based Osmose, a global supplier of wood preservative products, announced today that it has completed the purchase of the wood preservatives business of Mattersmiths Holdings and Mattersmiths Technologies in New Zealand.

Mattersmiths’ business focuses primarily on the manufacture and sale of antisapstain chemicals and wood treatment technologies.

The acquisition of Mattersmiths includes acquiring its patent portfolio, trademarks and other intellectual property. In addition, Osmose will continue to supply and expand the antisapstain business to customers in New Zealand and other markets.

“This acquisition is strategic to our global market growth initiatives,” said Paul Goydan, president of Osmose. “This acquisition includes new patented wood preservative treatment technologies that will provide us additional opportunities to expand our global wood preservative business.”

Osmose is the leading worldwide supplier of wood preservatives used to protect wood in outdoor environments against fungal decay and termite attack. Since 1934, Osmose has produced high-quality, reliable wood preservatives, including its MicroPro system, which utilizes micronized copper wood technology.

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