Orgill points the way to price image

BOSTON — When it comes to pricing, Orgill merchandising guru Paul Ohrberg has done the math, several times. And at the Memphis, Tenn.-based distributor’s Fall Market here, Orgill’s director of retail concepts shared some theories on price image.

Ohrberg’s presentation, titled “Merchandising Techniques: Increasing Your Add On & Impulse Sales,” covered a wide swath of store best practices. And it also hit on some specifics:

  • Limit product selection for temporary dump bins;
  • Choose items that can be stacked safely;
  • Display larger items at the main entrance to encourage the use of a shopping cart;
  • Use service counter displays to remind customers of something they may have forgotten;
  • Keep checkout display items generally under $5; and
  • Use endcaps to promote new items with good price value.

“If you scare them away on price with the first thing they see, they’re going to think you’re an expensive store,” he said. “Price image is key.”

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