In Oregon town, hardware store replaces drug store

A building in Seaside, Ore. is shifting from health care to hammers and nails.

According to an article in the Seaside Signal, the building that once was the Holladay Drug Store will soon be an Ace Hardware location. The owner Winfeld Muffett, told the newspaper that the community needs a local hardware store.

The 9,300-square-foot store is expected to open in March. According to the article, Muffett owns variety store businesses in the Vancourver, Wash., area; and in southern Oregon. 



- 1:43 PM
Stavroula says

What a bummer, so now that the drug store has been replaced by the hardware store where will the people buy their aspirin, or their candida relief pills from? Is this in relation with the latest progress on the Obama care legislation?

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