Oregon hardware store burglarized -- twice

B&I Hardware in Junction City, Ore., has been broken into twice in less than two months, according to an article in the Tribune News.

A K-9 dog searching the premises after the last burglary, on Oct. 23, found evidence that may lead to the culprits, according to an officer with the Junction City Police Department. 

“We have collected evidence that the suspect had left behind in hopes of possibly identifying a suspect. This is the second time, with the same MO (method of operation),” Sgt. Chuck Salsbury told the newspaper.

“There are some common elements in [commercial] burglaries,” Salsbury continued. “Poor lighting, improper door/window security, no video cameras, no horns or audio alarm -- all contribute to helping the perp gain entry and, if they haven’t aroused suspicion, they will continue to get what they want.” 


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