NyloDeck makes its case at IBS

NyloDeck on display at the International Builders' Show.

Las Vegas -- One look at the demonstration plank, and its easy to see the basic story behind NyloDeck. The demo deck board has synthetic carpet fibers blooming like flowers out of one end. 

The story gets better the more you look into it, according to Doug Morse, COO of Covington, Ga.-based NyloBoard LLC, makers of the premium product made of recycled, compressed and treated carpet. It begins with the slogan, No wood. No PVC. No worries. And the story, according to Morse, has propelled the NyloDeck team to gain distribution partners and market penetration in 2013, its first full year in existence

Made from compressed and treated recycled carpet fibers, the product offers good looks along with high-end performance, including flexural strength. (In other words, it doesn't bend.) And therefore, it allows designers the flexibility to create tighter joints, he said. 

"We made a product that proved itself," said Doug Morse, COO of NyloBoard, makers of NyloDeck. NyloDeck was born "conceptually" in 2010, and "seriously" in mid 2012, he said during in interview at the International Builders Show "Show Village" model home, which was decked out in NyloDeck.

Morse listed some of the new distributors: Reserve Supply of Central New York, Cardinal Building Materials, Klumb Lumber, to name a few.

NyloDeck benefited from the realignment of decking distribution that resulted from the merger of the TimberTech and AZEK brands, Morse said. But it was more than just external events that led to the growth of the products distributor partners in the past 12 months. We were still riding good momentum, he said. "And most of that is good, hard work on the behalf of NyloBoard. We were busy getting the product in front of the right people.

Wood decks continue to lead the industry in a large way. But Morse says non-wood decks are gaining ground. Also boding well for NyloDeck, he said, is that customers in the non-wood space are moving toward the high-end in their deck-purchase decisions. 

At the Builders show, the company introduced a sixth color: Coastal Mist (a light gray). And the company expects to bring a porch floor product to market in the second quarter. 

Morse added that NyloDeck has diverted a million pounds of recycled carpet fibers from U.S. landfills. We think the green component of the product is another side of the story, Morse said. Its one of the legs of our three-legged stool, along with performance of the product and the look of the product.

NyloDeck is made in Covington, Ga., with all raw materials from the U.S. 



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