NyloBoard builds distribution

Atlanta-based wood-alternative maker NyloBoard announced a new relationship with distributor Dixie Plywood and Lumber Co. in Charlotte, N.C.

Dixie Plywood distributes to the Charlotte metro area as well as the North Carolina-Piedmont area. 

Since its launch in 201,2 NyloBoard, makers of brands including NyloDeck and NyloPorch, has been picking up distribution partners at a solid pace.

Other recent deals are with Vandermeer Forest Products in the Pacific Northwest, Holbrook Lumber in the Northeast and Jim Mackie Distribution in the Midwest.

Made from compressed and treated recycled carpet fibers, the product offers good looks along with high-end performance, including bend-proof flexural strength. And therefore, it allows designers the flexibility to create tighter joints, according to the Atlanta-based company.


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