NuvoH20 water softeners hit Utah region stores

Customers in Utah, Nevada and Wyoming can now buy NuvohH2O's water softeners at certain Ace Hardware stores, the supplier announced Thursday. 

Instead of using salt like most water softeners, NuvoH2O's products work with the help of a citrus agent and don't require electricity, brine tank, drain or soft water loop to work/. The absence of salt reduces buildup on fixtures and shower doors.

“We are happy to be offering these water softening systems because they provide a way for our customers to make a better, more efficient home," said Steven Allen, who owns an Ace Hardware location in Layton, Utah. “The NuvoH2O water softening system is beneficial for purchasers on many levels, but we love the fact that the product helps reduce scale buildup and allows a home's large appliances and plumbing system to work better.” 

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