By the numbers: Multi-function tools

Hyde’s 14-in-1 scraper includes four bits hidden in the handle, plus a bottle opener. Black & Decker’s Ready Wrench tackles two bolt sizes on each of its eight swiveling socket heads. Across the hand-tool aisle, manufacturers are packing more product functions in less space. Here, our editors point to notables in a crowded, versatile field:

4-in-1: General Tools Rescue One. Cuts seat belts, breaks windshields and signals for help. 

5-in-1: Rapid Shark utility knife combines with a wire stripper, cutter and crimper. Also stores blades.

6-in-1: The Channellock Rescue Tool. The promotional video features firemen and first responders. 

7-in-1: Leatherman Skeletool CX. Pliers, wire cutters and various screwdriver bits in a sleek design.

8-in-1: Stanley Fubar Forcible Entry Tool. Fun for prying, splitting and striking, among other things. 

9-in-1: Irwin 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Screwdriver. Includes ergonomic ProTouch grip. Bits are stored inside.

10-in-1: Klein Tools screwdriver. Similar to the above. 

11-in-1: Swiss Army Knife. Self explanatory.

12-in-1: Sheffield Camper Axe. Has all the basics, plus fish scaler.

13-in-1: See 11-in-1.

14-in-1: Hyde 14-in-1 Painters tool.

15-in-1: Gatco Frog Tool 15-function multi-tool. Wrenches galore.

16-in-1: Black & Decker Ready Wrench. Eight socket heads and infinite angles of attack.

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