NPD Group reports surge in back to school sales of small appliances

According to a report by The NPD Group, a consumer market research and advisory services firm, small appliances gained ground as students geared up to go back to college.

Lighted mirrors, countertop blenders, sandwich makers, single-serve brewing systems, hair care appliances, toaster ovens and slow cookers all experienced a significant sales bump during the eight weeks ended Aug. 31.

“Back-to-college shopping provides the chance to expose the younger generation to products typically purchased and used by older consumers,” said Debra Mednick, executive director and home industry analyst for NPD. “While the impact of this shopping season is not as strong for the small appliance industry as it is for a category like bedding, it is an opportunity for additional sales and product education."

Mednick added that whether products are purchased by students directly is irrelevant, as the shopping experience typically promotes brand exposure to younger consumers.

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