Northeastern Young Lumber Execs elects officers

From left: Quinlan, Russin, Keillor, Yazwinski, Miller and Martin.

Mike Yazwinski of Russin Lumber is incoming president of the Northeastern Young Lumber Execs -- elected during the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association's 2011 LBM Expo.

Other members of the incoming executive committee of the NYLE are:
• Jen Quinlan- Treasurer- Litman Gerson Associates; 
• Jordan Russin- Secretary, Russin Lumber;
• Kevin Keillor Jr.- Ex-Officio, Thurber Lumber;
• Mike Miller- 1st VP, One Tree Distribution;
• Rob Bicknell- 2nd VP, Bicknell Building Supply; and
• Dan Martin- 3rd VP, Reeb Millwork.

The Northeastern Young Lumber Execs is an association founded in 1986 and is supported by the NRLA. The two requirements for membership are that the member be 40 years of age or younger, and their company be a member in good standing of the NRLA.


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