NorCal city helps lumberyard relocate

The Mill Yard, a Northern California lumberyard, was able to relocate to a better site with the help of its local municipality, according to an article in the Eureka Times Standard

Owners Laurie Mark and Tanka Chase, who operate the five-acre lumberyard, culminated an eight-year plan to purchase the land and move the lumberyard with the help of the city of Arcata, which provided $225,000 in redevelopment funds to make required public improvements, according to the article. 

"Both Laurie and I are very grateful for their business-friendly spirit that paved the way for us to make our new store a reality," Chase said.

The Mill Yard's lumberyard occupies most of the five-acre lot, and the new 7,000-sq.-ft. store is solar-assist and radiant heated.

Laurie Mark is a former president of the Lumber Association of California and Nevada (LACN). 

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