The next hot home project: Hidden spaces?

ShelfGenie reports increased interest in hidden spaces of the house.

A manufacturer of home organization products is promoting the idea that investments in hidden areas of the home can lead to a surprising increase to a home’s value.

A highly overlooked area, according to ShelfGenie, is inside their cabinets. Companies specializing in pull-out shelving are reporting a boom in requests for custom-designed shelving solutions that address pain points associated with disorganization and limited access to items in kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces in the home, according to the manufacturer.

“What people are quickly realizing is that by increasing their usable cabinet space by up to 50 percent with glide-out shelves, they are not only reducing physical and emotional stress by providing easy access to items, but also improving the appearance and value of their homes,” said Allan Young, CEO of ShelfGenie, the leader in custom designed, built and installed Glide-Out shelving solutions for kitchens, pantries, bathrooms and other spaces.

When it comes to improving resale value, more homeowners are looking to renovations that address less visible, yet highly functional areas of the home. According a recently published study, minor kitchen renovations, which would include such upgrades as installing glide-out shelving, can deliver a return on investment of 82.7 percent.

Overall, homeowners are spending more on organization. According to The Freedonia Group, the storage and organization industry is expected to rise 4 percent annually throughout 2017, making it a $9.4 billion industry. The demand is feeding growth of franchises at ShelfGenie, which after its inception in 2000, now operates more than 155 franchise locations in 22 states and Canada.


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