Next up in the digital sweepstakes:

The race for the winning e-commerce formula continues. The latest effort comes from Mooresville, N.C., where the nation’s second-largest home improvement retailer is taking a holistic approach to engaging customers across channels.

Lowe’s launched its MyLowes Web-based tool last month and described it as a digital effort to help consumers maintain, manage and dream about home improvement.

“Customers expect to be engaged and in control throughout the entire home improvement experience — from inspiration to enjoyment,” said Tom Lamb, Lowe’s senior VP marketing and advertising. “MyLowes will enable our customers to track and manage their homes all in one place, and it will allow Lowe’s employees to be better equipped to help meet the needs of our customers.”

One key feature of the “integrated online experience” is its ability to allow customers to automatically track and store their purchases along with their customer profile online.

The company said customers can expect additions to the tool. It already offers features such as:

• A MyLowes card or key fob to track in-store purchases online;

• Home profile to create rooms and store floor dimensions, product details and notes;

• Folders and lists to organize products, projects and ideas;

• Purchase history from all purchase points;

• Paint formula tracking after checkout.

The MyLowes tool follows on the heels of the company’s new marketing slogan: “Never stop improving.”

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