New Whirlpool microwave touts popcorn cycle

The Over the Range Microwave seeks to recreate several stovetop cooking functions.

Whirlpool has introduced the new 1.9 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave with TimeSavor Plus True Convection, which features an AccuPop cycle that aims to take the guesswork out of making popcorn.

AccuPop "listens" to popcorn using sound sensors and automatically adjusts cooking time for optimal results.

"At Whirlpool brand, we are always looking to create products that make our consumers' lives easier," said Andrea Smith, brand manager for new products, cooking and suites. "By offering families this AccuPop cycle, we can give them the ability to cut out the time they spend watching the microwave and get back to what they want to enjoy – delicious results and time with each other."

Other features include TimeSavor Plus convection, which uses a rear fan and heating element to circulate preheated air to retain moisture and flavor.

Additionally, a steam cooking feature can serve as a stand-in for traditional stovetop steamers.

For maintenance, the CleanRelease non-stick interior makes it possible to clean the microwave sans harsh chemicals.

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