New Eco Home models showcase post-Sandy building standards

Eco Building Products is continuing its crusade against the damage left in Hurricane Sandy's path -- this time with the introduction of two new Eco Home models demonstrating the codified change needed in the era of defensive building practices.

The models -- located in Breezy Point, New York, and in Sea Bright, New Jersey -- both contain defensive features specific to the region. The New Jersey home is built on concrete walls that are 108 ins. above flood tide, whereas the Breezy Point home is the first in the region to be built on telescoping steel columns 48 ins. above flood tides.

"The realities of what's happening in this rebuild are further complicated when we see buildings coming out of the ground in areas that had 48 ins. of water, with 30-in. concrete walls and structural floor members that could be subjected to future flooding, when the manufacturer's product guides state that the products should not be subjected to constant wetting since the core of that lumber is glued like particle board," said Steve Conboy, president and CEO, Eco Building Products.

Eco Building Products will be demonstrating the models to architects and engineers during the Eco Home Tour later this month, as well as promoting the relatively cost-effective brick-and-mortar prices.

"Team Eco's goal is simple -- create defensive models for people to touch and feel, that display our [defensive building practices] principles in living form, that in most cases does not have to raise the cost beyond reach," read a company statement. "At ECOB, we understand change is not easy for builders and contractors to embrace, so we are going the extra mile right now to prove out that Sandy Victims who purchase the complete package from The Home Depot [the Costco of building materials] can build defensively for similar costs of standard building materials."

The team is also hoping to meet one-on-one with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has displayed a renewed commitment to the Sandy rebuild.

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