New DMT diamond stone features exclusive magnetic base

Double-Sided Dia-Sharp MagnaBase System

DMT is introducing a new innovation in the name of two-stage sharpening: the new Double-Sided Dia-Sharp MagnaBase System, a large, two-sided continuous diamond sharpening stone with an exclusive magnetic base.

The stone enables longer and more consistent sharpening strokes, and the base affords stability and quick and easy grit changes.

“The Magna Base System was designed with quite a bit of customer input,” said DMT president Mark Brandon. “Sales of our Dia-Sharp bench stones have had strong growth, and we received many requests for a stone and base combination similar to our very successful DuoSharp line. We think this product is the answer to those requests.”

The MagnaBase System is available in two different grit combinations: Coarse/Extra-Coarse (45 micron/60 micron) and Extra-Fine/Fine (9 micron/25 micron).

The stone measures 12 by 3 inches, which makes for a full 72 square inches of sharpening surface.

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