New cooker hood says silence is golden

The Infinity ACT

Faber is introducing two new cooker hood models -- which go by the name of Infinity ACT and Jolie ACT -- at Eurocucina 2014.

Both models feature Sil-K ACT, a technology that actively reduces perceived noise in pursuit of maximum silence, according to the company.

The technology, adapted from systems used in the aeronautics and automotive industries, creates an inverse wave form to cancel out the original one, which eliminates acoustic perceptions and cuts emissions by 13 decibels compared to another model of the same capacity.

Additionally, an internal microphone measures the original acoustic signal and decodes it to emit push-pull output, which lowers the frequency of the sound.

The Infinity cooker hood has a rounded double glass panel with EVO touch control and an energy-saving LED bar at the bottom. Jolie features a minimalist surface and a small central access point to electronic controls. Both models are made with tempered glass.

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