New chippers combine yard cleanup and mulching

Vergennes, Vt.-based DR Power Equipment has introduced two new chipper/shredder models designed for homeowners.

The products are described as “a single-machine solution to tough yard debris and waste.”

The company’s 11.50 Premier and 14.50 Pro model Chipper/Shredders will shred prunings, leaves and garden leftovers into rich, organic mulch, and also chip larger branches into landscaping woodchips for paths and ornamental flower beds.

DR Power Equipment sells products factory-direct and through a network of more than 500 dealers.

“DR Power’s new affordable chipper/shredders are designed for serious yard cleanup and mulching,” said Tom Parent, DR Power Equipment. “If your No. 1 task is disposing of yard and garden waste, but you also want the ability to chip heavy branches, these new DR chipper/shredders are just what you’re looking for.”

The DR 11.50 Premier Chipper/Shredder is the smallest and lowest-cost chipper/shredder model from DR Power Equipment. The machine rolls from garden to compost bin on a set of wheels like a hand cart and is equipped with a 250cc Briggs and Stratton 1150 Series OHV engine. The chipper will handle tree branches up to 2-in. thick.

The mid-size 14.50 PRO Chipper/Shredder is designed for serious gardeners and homeowners with large properties. By chipping and shredding yard debris, homeowners can turn “waste” into rich garden mulch and long-lasting landscaping woodchips, keeping organic matter out of landfills 

The smaller model starts at a $1,899 list price, while the larger model starts at $2,099.

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