Nebraska company promotes Zip-Up ceilings

Norfolk, Neb.-based Zip-Up Ceiling System is promoting itself as a quick and easy alternative to drywall ceiling installations.

Made from durable flexible interlocking PVC components engineered to fit together with a few tools, Zip-Up Ceiling delivers a clean, grid-free flat, non-corrugated washable mold- and mildew- resistant surface, according to the manufacturer. The panels, which resist kinking during installation, unzip for easy removal for access to electrical, plumbing and other work, and for cleaning.   

Suitable for both residential and commercial installations, Zip-Up Ceiling meets Class A Fire Rating. The system, which takes up only 2 ins. of headroom, features just three primary components: wall trim, main rail and panels. The main rails and panels are available in white and beige in smooth and serrated finishes. The finished ceiling is paintable with latex paint.

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