Natural Hardwax Oil protects floors

Coswick Hardware introuduced an “eco-frienldy” flooring finish called Hardwax Oil. The product is made mostly from natural components, including organic wax of the Carnauba palm tree and oil of the Tung tree, the company says.

“Launching the new Hardwax Oil finish is the next definitive step that we are taking toward producing entirely green and Eco-friendly flooring,” said Vladimir Ianovski, founder of Coswick Hardwood Inc. “At this time, Hardwax Oil is one of few hardwood flooring finishes that are eco-friendly, durable, stylish, as well as very easy to maintain and repair."

The effect of Hardwax Oil finish is two-fold, according to the company. First, oil easily penetrates into wood pores, saturating the wood, strengthening and protecting it from ill effects of moisture and dirt. Second, the wax creates a hard protective film on the wood surface.

Also, Hardwax Oil claims to have a very elastic finish that has high resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations.  




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