National Nail unveils CAMO Edge Pro

CAMO Edge Pro

National Nail Corp. has announced it will introduce the CAMO Edge Pro on July 1. The product is a collated screw system for edge-fastening wood, composite or PVC deck boards. Part of the CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System, the Edge Pro is an auto-feed screw system that secures deck boards through the board edge. 

“Most decks are currently built using the traditional face-fastening method, which encourages splitting, cracking and fastener pops -- annoyances that prevent homeowners from enjoying their outdoor living spaces," said W. Scott Baker, president and CEO of National Nail. "The Edge Pro eliminates these common problems by attaching the deck board through the edge, allowing the homeowner to enjoy a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface.” 

Combining the speed of a collated tool with the convenience of stand-up installation, the Edge Pro is compatible with any type of deck board material. Treated wood installed with no-gap or secondary spacers can be used to create any gap size required. 

Powered by a Milwaukee drill, the Edge Pro uses 2-3/8-in. CAMO Collated Hidden Fasteners available in ProTech coated and 316 Stainless Steel. The tool includes an Edge Pro attachment, the drill and a carrying bag.

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