National Nail Corp. introduces CAMO Exterior Screws

National Nail Corp. is expanding its CAMO brand to include CAMO Exterior Screws comprised of Premium Deck, Structural, Composite/Capstock and Stainless screws.

“From the beginning, our plan has been to offer the market a complete line of deck fasteners from a brand the industry identifies with,” said Scott Baker, President and CEO at National Nail Corp. “The expansion of our industry leading CAMO Fasteners brand to include one of the most complete offerings of deck fasteners is consistent with this plan.” 

According to the manufacturer, CAMO Exterior Screws offer effective and affordable fastening solutions for all aspects of the deck, from the substructure to the deckboards and trim. The product was previously sold under the Pro-Fit Platinum Series brand.

CAMO Exterior includes Premium Deck screws in buglehead and trimhead that are color-matched to blend with treated lumber. CAMO’s Composite/Capstock and Stainless painted head trimhead screws are available in colors matched to the boards of leading decking manufacturers in the market. CAMO Structural screws are designed to replace lag bolts and ledger screws, and provide a code compliant method for attaching ledger boards, rim joists and other applications where lags are needed.

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