National Gypsum quietly invents new product

The SoundBreak XP Retrofit Board creates a constrained damping layer.

From a National Gypsum brochure.

It’s a relatively easy matter to soundproof a dwelling when it is built from the ground up.

But what happens when a dwelling needs soundproofing after the fact? That’s when the degree of difficulty cranks up.

Such a scenario occurs, for instance, when a highway, elevated train or high rise building begins to grow outside the window.

For these occasions, National Gypsum has a new product called Soundbreak XP Retrofit Board. It’s a 5/16-inch gypsum board that can be used in residential, multifamily and commercial walls. The product is an acoustically enhanced board that creates a constrained damping layer in order to improve the acoustical performance of a gypsum board wall when laminated over the existing surface.

SoundBreak XP Retrofit is also Greenguard Gold certified for indoor air quality. It consists of a mold, mildew and moisture resistance gypsum core with a specially designed purple paper. The Purple face paper is recycled.

National Gypsum Company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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