Nate Berkus and LG gift themselves in the name of kitchen updates

Nate Berkus in his natural habitat of LG Studio appliances.

Nate Berkus and LG are giving of themselves this summer. Consumers are now entering the "My Kitchen Needs Nate" contest for a chance to win a complete kitchen renovation featuring LG Studio appliances and styled by Berkus.

“I’m excited to help consumers create a signature kitchen incorporating the best foundational elements from the LG Studio suite that will help make this space both intensely personal and functional for years to come,” said Berkus, who is the artistic advisor for LG Studio.

To enter, contestants must submit a video of themselves in their kitchen describing their vision and testifying to their love for LG appliances. The submissions have been coming in via social media outlets and the LG Studio website over the past few weeks, with some fans getting a chance to be included in his videos and receive advice, as well as to receive a signed copy of his book, "The Things That Matter."

Last Thursday, Berkus appeared in New York City for a live taping of his responses, where onsite attendees were able to tweet using the hashtag #LGStudio to receive prizes and a chance to enter various sweepstakes.

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