More on the challenges of painting

Outside of changing a light bulb or mowing the lawn, painting a room has long been considered the home improvement project with the lowest degree of difficulty and the biggest bang for the buck.

But a company that sells the concept of one-day painting services is armed with research that shows a consumer mind-set is not sold on the idea of painting as an easy exercise.

The company, Wow 1 Day! Painting, employed Wakefield Research to survey consumers. They came up with some views that challenge conventional wisdom:

  • Close to 20% said that painting would take too long. A fair concern, given that most painting projects can stretch out for days if not weeks regardless if it's DIY or a hired painting company.
  • One in 3 Americans say it's "too much of a pain" to do prep work before painting, such as cleaning and sanding walls, taping, covering furniture with drop sheets, etc.
  • A quarter of Americans are concerned painting "will cost too much."

The WOW 1 Day! Painting Survey included 1,000 U.S. adults, ages 18 and older, from March 18 to 25, 2013, using an email invitation and an online survey.

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