Molpus buys timberland in seven states

Molpus Woodlands Group, a timberlands investment management group, has announced the acquisition of 124,521 acres of pine in the states of Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Molpus purchased the tract from Rock Creek Capital, which in turn acquired the acreage from International Paper Co.

Molpus president Dick Molpus said in a prepared statement: "The International Paper properties are high-quality timberlands located in seven southeastern states and represent a diversity of wood baskets with strong product demand. Although these properties were purchased for timberland prices, their proximity to urban areas and major corridors leads us to believe they have promising development, biomass and conservational opportunities."  

This acquisition increases Molpus' total timberland assets under management to more than a billion dollars. Molpus is adding two additional office locations in Florida and North Carolina to its current 14 offices located in eight other states. Headquartered in Jackson, Miss., Molpus is a family-owned company that began in 1905 as a mercantile store in Philadelphia, Miss., before becoming the Molpus Lumber Co.

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