Moen introduces digital showering technology

The new U by Moen shower brings mobile connectivity and digital technology to the shower.

The Wi-Fi/cloud-based digital shower offers mobile connectivity and countless ways to create a personalized showering experience.

“As consumers, our desire to be connected is growing every day. Whether it’s connectivity with our home heating and cooling, sound or lighting systems, technology is making it easier than ever to wirelessly control. At Moen, we thought – why not connected water? How can we improve the overall experience with water by adding the benefit of smart technology?” said Andy Conroy, senior director, wholesale marketing, Moen.

“This idea led Moen to create U by Moen shower," he continued. "The integration of a personal device allows users to control their shower preferences, customizing everything from time to temperature. Need extra snooze time? Power on your shower from bed, and it will alert you when it’s ready. Have a teenager who lingers too long in the shower? The timer function will help keep them on schedule. This digital system addresses real-life quandaries and elevates users’ everyday experiences with water.”

The U by Moen shower offers precise, thermostatic temperature control,  as well as the ability to connect up to four shower devices (showerheads, handshowers, body sprays, etc.).

The digital shower controller also features a five-inch, non-touch, LCD screen that provides feedback on the shower status through on-screen messaging and notifications. The color of the screen will change from light blue, dark blue, purple, orange and red as the user changes the water temperature, and when the shower is ready, the screen will turn white and provide an on-screen notification and signal with a tone. The controller itself has a number of buttons allowing users to accurately control their shower experience.

Meanwhile, the U by Moen smartphone app gives users the ability to create up to 12 personalized presets, including name, greeting, outlets, temperature, shower timer and notifications. It also allows users to have the shower pause at initial start-up once it reaches the desired temperature, not to mention fully control the shower from their smartphones

“While consumers will appreciate the benefits of U by Moen shower; and so will installers. The digital valve's compact design makes their job easier; with a 30-foot data cable between the valve and controller, the location of the valve can be put wherever is most convenient for the plumber and homeowner,” Conroy said. “The valve also has an optional battery backup to provide peace of mind. Users know if the power goes out while they are in the shower, the system will not shut off. The entire system has been thoughtfully designed with consumer personalization and the connected home in mind to deliver the perfect shower experience every time.”

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