MJSI HydroClean awarded patent

Shorewood, Ill.-based MJSI, Inc. announced the issuance of patent 7,926,511 by the US Patent Office for the HydroClean toilet fill valve’s Float Lock assembly.

The Float Lock is an easily movable lever on the float arm that turns the water "Off" or "On" from inside the toilet tank. This invention allows minor repairs to be made inside the tank in a dry environment and eliminates the need to shut the water supply off with the external shut-off valve or at the main water shut-off for the entire building.

“This latest patent for the Float Lock is for one of the many important and innovative features of our HydroClean toilet fill valve,” said Michael Schuster, president of MJSI. “Whether it’s a plumber or a homeowner, it’s easier and faster to be able to shut off the water inside the tank with a simple 'click' of the Float Lock. Plus, it eliminates the potential for leaks, flooding and pushing sediment into toilet parts -- problems that are associated with using old and corroded shut-off valves.”

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