MiTek subsidiary closes deal on RKL Building Specialties

Hohmann & Barnard, a subsidiary of MiTek Industries, announced Tuesday that it had completed the acquisition of RKL Building Specialties Co.

The New York-based companies both deal in masonry products and anchors. According to the company, H&B is the world's largest manufacturer of reinforcing products, anchoring and flashing systems, vapor products and restoration barriers. With the backing of H&B, RKL is set to help its parent company expand its presence in the local market through its loyal customer base.

“We are very proud and excited to have RKL as part of the H&B family," said Ron Hohmann Sr., CEO of Hohmann & Barnard. "RKL has established a broad and consistent customer base built over the years by a very talented and aggressive sales and management team. Our goal will be to further enhance our customer service position and introduce innovative new product lines to support the future growth of the stone and masonry industry in New York and the surrounding markets."

According to Hohmann, H&B will relocate RKL's operations to a new expanded facilty in Queens.

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