Miracle-Gro and Rachael Ray plant garden in South Philly

Miracle-Gro and celebrity chef Rachael Ray installed the Camden Children's Garden in South Philadelphia, introducing the neighborhood to fresh produce from the garden to the dinner table.

In five days, 16 raised beds, a vertical flowerbed, 2,869-gal. rainwater cisterns and an iron fence were built from the Miracle-Gro donation of gardening soils and construction supplies. The garden's afterlife will be managed by the Camden City Garden Club, which operates the Camden Children's Garden and many urban gardens on vacant lots in Camden. Residents in the South Philadelphia neighborhood can volunteer to maintain the garden and grow produce in the raised beds.

"We are so excited to partner on this South Philadelphia garden and help educate this neighborhood on the fun and ease of gardening," said Carlos Hernandez of Miracle-Gro,

The Camden Children's Garden was featured on the "Rachael Ray" show Monday Sept. 26.

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