Miele claims Futura Diamond dishwasher reigns quietest

Miele has commissioned a study to back up its claim of having America's quietest dishwasher.

Owens Corning Acoustics Research Center conducted comparative research testing for clean and soiled loads. According to Miele, the results show that its dishwashers maintained their decibel settings throughout washing cycles of all intensities. Also, the tests found that a leading manufacturer touting quiet performance registered a decibel increase of as much as 6 levels for a soiled load, compared to advertised levels.

Of all the Miele models, the company stated that its Futura Diamond dishwasher registered the lowest decibel of 37 dBA on its Extra Quiet Program setting. 

"The combination of an advanced insulation system, turbidity sensors and a powerful pump ensures Miele consistently and effcently manages sound, without sacrificing performance," said Dirk Sappok, Miele's product development group manager.

Those interested can view the test results here.

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