Micro Shield offers in-home pet control

The makers of Invisible Fence, a yard containment system for pets, have introduced the Micro Shield Avoidance Solution, a mobile wireless unit that helps pets avoid areas of the home where their owners don't want them to go.

At only 3 ins. in diameter, the Micro Shield can be put under Christmas trees, on kitchen counters or near trash cans. The device emits an audible warning tone to the animal. After a few training lessons, pets learn to stay away from the designated area, which can be adjusted from 16 ins. to 4 ft. in diameter.

Cats scaling the Christmas tree and getting tangled in tinsel are only one holiday danger, according to the Micro Shield makers. Pets are also attracted to holiday food spreads and leftovers in the trash can.

“Our dealers use Micro Shields to safely teach pets to avoid areas of the home that can cause problems, reducing stress for homeowners, especially during the holidays," said Albert Lee, director of Invisible Fence Brand.


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