Menards drops plans for Wisconsin store

Menards has decided to abandon its plans to build a store in Grafton, Wis., after village officials asked for too many alterations, according to the Milwaukee Journal.

Marv Prochaska, Menards’ vp-real estate, told the newspaper that “it just didn’t make [business] sense” to incorporate all the changes requested by village leaders, including fewer road access points, no outdoor storage and more screening for an adjacent subdivision.

The proposed retail unit, situated on 18 acres, would have measured 162,340 square feet. Menards also wanted an additional 40,608 square feet of storage next to the building in an enclosed structure and a 26,420-square-foot warehouse on the site, according to the news report.

Grafton is located 18 miles north of Milwaukee. Prochaska did not say whether Menards was looking at other nearby sites.

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