Menards cancels store, blames Obama

Home improvement retailer Menards has decided not to open a store in O'Fallon, Mo., because of President Barack Obama's economic policies, according to a company spokesman interviewed on KMOV, a Missouri television station. 

Menards, based in Eau Claire, Wis., had planned to open several stores in the St. Louis market over the next six months.

"We are on schedule to open our new stores in O'Fallon, Ill., and St. Peters, Mo., this spring 2013," a Menards spokesman was quoted as saying. "For O'Fallon, Mo., I'm very sorry, but we are a family-owned business and with the Obama administration scaring the dickens out of all small businesses in the USA at present, we have decided not to risk expansion until things are more settled. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

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- 1:16 PM
Andy Welemin says

I see this as nothing but a cop-out excuse.

- 1:49 PM says

I couldn't agree more with Menard's decision.

- 7:39 PM says

Based on the idea that family owned business is run based on advantages in the market, i would assume that the Menards is doing what is best for them. Obama has no idea what it takes to invest family money in a project and watch outside decisions make it worth less. Obama is a terrible judge on what businesses like Menards are looking at to make their decision. If they chose to blame it on Obama then that is the decision. Just like the Obama Administration makes decisions with no long term obligation to the people they affect. Good for Menards for doing what is best for them and their reasons are good enough for me. IT does not mean its a cop-out to stop a project, that is their right. Not a government do it at all cost, even if it should be scrapped.

- 10:14 PM says

Wait, are they referring to themselves when they say "small business.?" They're kidding right?

- 5:48 PM says

Bet he's a Republican

- 6:37 PM says

Obviously Andy your not a businessman buying buildings,hiring new employees and increasing inventories. The new economics scare the heck out of me. We understand totally how they could put their projects on hold. As for us we see no new expansion or hiring new employees in the near future.

- 2:59 PM says

Knowing Menards, as I do, from doing business with them these past 35-years, let me just say I'm not surprised by what their owner and senior managers say or do; beginning with their callous treatment of vendors, representatives and employees, or their criminal disregard for the laws of this land. These are bad, bad people ladies and gentlemen, and the above article sheds no new light on the current economic debate, nor of the retail environment as presently constituted.

- 2:47 PM says

If Menards is what you say they are, why did you continue to "do business" with them? I say they are right for calling it like they see it. This is the most anti-business, anti-capitalist administration since the founding of this country.

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