Meet the Plogg

Energy Optimizers Limited, a British-based energy technology firm, has introduced a new device, called The Plogg, that evaluates the energy performance and profile of electrical appliances based upon actual consumer behavior.

The Plogg is a combined smart meter plug and data logger. It can be attached to any electrical appliance or device that uses a standard socket in USA, U.K., or French formats. The Plogg is able to measure the electrical energy consumption of connected devices and appliances at high levels of resolution, up to one minute as standard and at higher levels of up to two seconds in customized versions.

The benefit for appliance manufacturers is the capability to unobtrusively use the Plogg in field trials in order to observe consumers' behavior and actual patterns of use during each cycle and time period, whether daily or weekly. This data assists the manufacturer in identifying the commonly used operating programs and to optimize the energy efficiency of the appliance based upon actual behavior patterns rather than simulated laboratory tests.

Data logging on The Plogg can be set to either “event” dependence or “time” dependence. Detailed data captured on the performance of the appliance is stored on the Plogg until downloaded to a PC locally or remotely via the Internet.

Energy Optimizers Limited manufactures Smart Grid technologies for load profiling, demand response, distributed generation and renewables markets. Its Smart Grid Technologies include wireless gateways, smart meter plugs and load controls for domestic and commercial appliances. Energy Optimizers Limited participates in a number of publicly funded European research and development projects. 

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