Meet MiTek's new CEO

MiTek Industries, Inc. has a new CEO in Mark Thom.

The current CEO, Tom Manenti, will assume the role of Executive Chairman for 2017 and will continue to report to Warren Buffett.

Thom's background in executive leadership and achievement in management and sales includes 16 years leading teams within the former Tyco Healthcare. He eventually rose to the role of president of the Tyco’s Vascular Therapy division in 1998. Soon after Tyco Healthcare acquired Mallinckrodt Medical, Thom was named president of Mallinckrodt’s Diagnostic Imaging business, and he was later named Group President, Tyco Healthcare in early 2003. 

In recent years he served as leadership consultant to the MiTek senior leadership team, where he learned the MiTek business and its culture.

He will play a critical role going forward in MiTek's strategic plan to double over the next five years, providing leadership continuity as Manenti retires in January, 2018.

“The naming of Mark to the CEO position addresses one of my key business imperatives – Leadership Development and Succession Planning– a well-developed and widely used road map for MiTek leadership into the future,” said Tom Manenti, Chairman and CEO of MiTek. “More importantly, Mark is simply a top performer, in the very elite class of executives in multiple categories of corporate operations and effective leadership. I was thrilled when Mark accepted the CEO position. It was a banner day for MiTek worldwide!”

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