Meet the Hom-Bot, LG's answer to the Roomba

The Hom-Bot can be controlled from afar with the convenience of mobile technology.

With 35 awards to take home at the conclusion of this year's event, LG was one of the bigger names at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Among the multiple innovations it was recognized for was the Hom-Bot Square, a robotic vacuum cleaner unveiled at the show.

The automatic vacuum's main claim to fame is its square shape, which is designed to fit into corners neglected by previous models. Its Corner Master technology features the use of two long brushes and corner-detecting sensors, which allow it to access hard-to-reach corners.

The Hom-Bot also includes a top- and bottom-mounted camera that allows the vacuum to chart its course throughout the house and store information for future use regarding furniture placement and other obstacles.

Additionally, users of the Hom-Bot can use LG's Home Chat mobile technology to control the vacuum with their phones, making remote activation a possibility.

Last, but not least, the Hom-Bot runs at a low noise level of 60dBA to minimize distraction while it's in use.

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