Masco Home Services to certify WaterSense homes

Masco Home Services has joined a group of licensed certification organizations qualified to oversee inspections and certify WaterSense-labeled new homes. Sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the WaterSense label is earned by single-family new homes that use 20% less water than traditional models inside and out.

"Masco Home Services has partnered with the EPA to help support builders committed to bringing WaterSense-labeled new homes to their community," said Larry Laseter, president of Masco Home Services. "The WaterSense label is a simple way for consumers to identify water-efficient products, programs and new homes that will use less energy and save water for future generations."

Homes in the program conserve water through efficient plumbing fixtures, efficient products and hot water delivery systems, and water-saving landscape features.

All new homes must be inspected and certified before they can earn the WaterSense label. Masco Home Services completed EPA training in order to work with inspectors and provide quality assurance that homes are certified to meet WaterSense criteria.

"If just 10% of new homes built were WaterSense-labeled, Americans could save 1 billion gallons of water per year," said Sheila Frace, director of the EPA Office of Water's Municipal Support Division. "WaterSense-labeled homes are an investment for the future of our planet."

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