Marketplace Fairness Act clears hurdle

The nation’s largest retail association applauded a Senate vote to proceed with debate on S.743, an act to level the sales tax field for online and brick-and-mortar stores.

The National Retail Federation today issued the following statement from president and CEO Matthew Shay: “NRF applauds today’s Senate vote on the Marketplace Fairness Act, and we commend Senators Enzi, Durbin, Alexander and Heitkamp for their skilled leadership in moving this legislation ahead.

He added: “This is fundamentally about fairness and the need for government to end its discriminatory sales tax policy that disadvantages local, community-based retailers in favor of remote and online sellers.

“Despite what the opponents say this is not a new tax,” the statement continued. “The Marketplace Fairness Act is a common-sense piece of legislation, which allows states’ to enforce their own sales tax rules on remote sales, protects small business owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs with a robust small business exemption, and finally allows retailers to compete in a free and fair marketplace.”

What’s next for the legislation remains to be seen. The NRF says it is hoping for Senate action before Thursday morning, which several amendments and motion still need to be considered.


- 12:42 PM says

Its time the brick and mortar get their act together and have on line presence and they would not cry foul

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