Marketing Magic: Meet the team at Pick & Shovel

An engaging video tells the story of a small town Vermont hardware store, and celebrates the spirit of an independent retailer.

At Pick & Shovel, a Do it Best dealer in Newport, Vermont, the time honored slogan is "If we don't have it, you don't need it."

Among the categories of this classic New England retailer are appliances, pet supplies, hobby goods, clothing, and even ice cream.

The retailer has served and supported the community since 1975.

More recently, however, the Pick & Shovel’s extensive merchandise mix and quirky hometown character had been facing increasing competition from a big box retailer that moved in just a few miles away. To tell the local, entrepreneurial and unique story of both their comprehensive product/service selection and their decidedly offbeat persona, the store recently produced a high-quality TV commercial, along with a longer-form video feature (above). Both capture the colorful personalities of the business and the community.

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