Market delivers tips to improve price image

Boston -- The phrase “price image” plays a key role in merchandising best practices, according to a seminar presented by Paul Ohrberg, Orgill's Director of Retail Concepts.

The presentation, titled "Merchandising Techniques: Increasing Your Add On & Impulse Sales," covered merchandising techniques for dump bins, rolling racks, stackouts, counter displays, check out areas, queing fixtures, endcaps, clip strings, wing panels and specialty fixtures. 

Among the more prescient takeways was the golden rule of minding price image – that is, promoting aggressive pricing in highly visible locations as well as rotating promotional items frequently.

Ohrberg delivered the seminar Friday at the Orgill Fall Market, held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. 

"You want to have a great price on an endcap or a power buy to promote the perception that you're a low-priced store," said Ohrberg. "Some of you might have a lot of loyalty; customers who are there every day or week. People like to see change. Keep the store looking alive."

Ohrberg, who has years of retail experience under his belt working at Home Depot, lumberyards and various hardware stores, was partially responsible for the Cobblestone Hardware and Windsor Market concept stores, as well as the various product showcases on the Orgill floor.

Ohrberg highlighted the importance of using temporary dump bins, rolling racks, stack displays, main entrances, endcaps and checkout counters to promote a sense of urgency and stimulate impulse buys.

The presentation included some specific tips, including:

• limiting product selection for temporary dump bins, 
choosing items that can be stacked safely, 
displaying larger items at the main entrance to encourage the use of a shopping cart, 
using service counter displays to remind customers of something they may have forgotten, 
keeping checkout display items generally under five dollars; and 
using endcaps to promote new items with good price value.

"If you scare them away on price with the first thing they see, they're going to think you're an expensive store," he said. "Price image is key."

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