Maria Frank takes over at Cabinets & Designs

Maria Frank will take over for her father as owner of Cabinets & Designs.

Maria Frank recently purchased Houston-based Cabinets & Designs from her father, Cabinets & Designs founder David Steffan Sr., who had owned the company for 40 years.

"I feel very proud that my father has the confidence in me to continue the business," said Frank. "To take care of something that he's spent his life on is incredible."

According to a company statement, Frank has fond memories of spending time with her father when he was in the start-up phase of launching the business. As a child, she would travel with him to visit dealers and help him stamp company brochures.

Frank, who cites exponential growth in cabinetry varieties, plans on launching new products and implementing technological features like 3-D design.

"The primary goal is to keep it in the family," said Steffan. "Maria promised to take good care of it, and as far as I know she hasn't broken any promises yet!"

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