Manufacturers sound off on nuclear energy

The American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA) Industry Confidence survey touches on hot-topic current events -- nuclear energy and no-fly zones.

In addition to measuring industry confidence, the AHMA surveyed members on hot-topic current events.

One question dealt with nuclear energy: “Concerns about radiation leaks from nuclear power plants in Japan as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami have some in the U.S. calling for increased restraints on the use of nuclear energy in this country. Do you agree with efforts to limit nuclear power as an energy source in the U.S.?”

Most -- 66% of respondents -- answered "no," 17% answered “yes," and another 16% answered "not sure."

A second question dealt with Libya. “The Obama administration, following a U.N. resolution, approved U.S. military involvement in the enforcement of a ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Libya. Do you agree with this action?"

More than half -- 52% -- responded “yes,” 7% responded “not sure,” and 41% responded “no.”

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