Man attempts to steal display items

A man was arrested in Newark, Del., after police say he unsuccessfully tried to steal tools and copper wire from a display at a Home Depot store.

The Aug. 4 incident began when Martin Goodwin Jr. allegedly attempted to remove rolls of copper wire from a display shelf, which were secured and required the help of an employee. According to a press release issued by the Delaware State Police, Goodwin then proceeded to remove other types of wire that were not secured, as well as assorted tools from a display, and placed them into a shopping cart. He then attempted to exit the store without paying for the merchandise. 

Goodwin was then confronted by three store employees who attempted to detain him. He allegedly produced a box cutter knife and threatened the employees with it, as well as informing the employees that he was armed with a gun. As the employees attempted to disarm Goodwin, one of the workers was cut on his hand. The employees were finally able to subdue the suspect and escorted him to the security office where state police were then contacted. A gun was not located.

After state troopers arrived and began questioning Goodwin, he tried to escape but was apprehended as he exited through a rear door. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had arrived at Home Depot in a stolen Jeep Wrangler, police said. 

Goodwin was arrested and charged with a number of crimes. His bail was set at $107,000.

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