Makita introduces Impact Gold insert bits

The Impact Gold collection is designed to last longer than the average bit inserts.

Touting an ability to last up to 10 times longer than standard insert bits, Makita has announced its new Impact Gold insert bits collection, designed for use with high-torque impact drivers.

“Insert bits are clearly lagging behind the increased fastening power of high torque impact drivers, and the result is more broken bits and more wasted time for contractors,” said Brandon Stover, accessories product manager. “Makita has delivered a solution with new technology that revolutionizes fastening applications with up to 10-times longer bit life and superior fitment to prevent ‘cam-out’ and stripped screws. Impact Gold is the new gold standard in impact driving.”

The collection includes insert bits, bit holders, double-ended power bits, nutsetters, sockets and socket adapters, all made with high-quality steel and Xtreme Torsion Technology, which provides greater flexibility within the torsion section of the bit and decreased pressure on the bit tip. The end result is an increased ability to withstand high-torque settings.

The inserts are also designed to maintain their fitment via a five-stage manufacturing process that includes a correction stage for consistency: machining, hardening, correction, burr removal and coating.

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