Lumberyard fire: 30 firefighters, 9 engines, little damage

A fire that broke out on July 14 at Padula Lumber in Coyote, Calif., brought 30 firefighters, nine fire engines and two trucks to contain the blaze, according to an article in the San Jose Mercury News. One building was gutted and another seriously damaged, the newspaper reported. But owner Doug Morse told Home Channel News that the extent of the damage was pretty minimal. 

“My [delivery] truck got burnt up, and one of the metal boxes we use for storage,” he reported. No buildings were damaged, however. A tenant on the property who makes furniture out of recycled and reclaimed wood did suffer some losses, however.

Although the cause of the fire is still under investigation, Morse said there was some speculation about the involvement of a transient on the nearby railroad tracks.

As for the overwhelming response to the early morning incident, Morse explained that Coyote, located in an unincorporated area near San Jose, seems to be in several fire districts. At least four jurisdictions responded to the emergency call, he said.

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